Am I Basically A Mini Deranged Monarch?

I think it’s time I answer exactly what a sovereign citizen is.

The idea behind being a sovereign citizen sounds good.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” ~ Declaration Of Independence


We are all equal rulers of our own land, we authorize and pay our government to work for and serve us, and if they go against the will of the people (not just a specific person, but the majority of the good) we have the right and duty to remove and replace the government accordingly.

Because we rule ourselves, together. We create our offices, we fill the offices, and we make sure that those offices are run appropriately.

But after this, things get a little murky for sovereign citizens.

And because of this murkiness, I need to take a moment to confess that I’m not really a sovereign citizen.

Sovereign citizens:
  • Have a name for being wacky, and for quoting the constitution as a deranged Christian might twist the Bible.
  • Many of them are white supremacists or believe that we give other ethnicities liberties, not God.
  • These sort of people believe that they aren’t only a sovereign in and of themselves because of the constitution, but that they are free because they are some sort of small divinity.
  • They believe that it violates their divinity to subject themselves to any man, and so when they are called to court, which they often are because they stick out like a sore thumb, they speak ridiculous rhetoric; they deny the authority of the courtroom and claim that they are above the law because they are the law.

To be clear, these examples I’ve shown are not me.

I believe all men are equal. Not just whites. We don’t give anyone their humanity; they are born with it.

I believe that we form the government, but we can’t decide to not be a part of it.

I do agree that too many are content with others ruling over them, that they have allowed themselves to grow lazy and have forgotten their roles as the people.

I understand that many believe it’s wrong to do anything in the government. Though I wonder if they’ve forgotten that without individual people doing their part, we will become another monarchy of sorts?

I do not believe the people should riot or mob, but that they should be organized under intelligent discussion and action.

To me this is what a proper sovereign citizen should be.

To me this is what America should be; a group of separate states composed of aware individuals who by their voice and support make a whole unit of strong, educated, free people.

Of course, not all sovereign citizens are deranged. It’s never right to define any group by its radicals.

Not all cops are evil. Not all blacks are democrats. Not all Muslims are ISIS. Not all Mexicans own cartels. Not all feminists are insane and hateful … actually, maybe feminists are the exception. 😉

My point is that labels are vast and impossible to define. Something might be true of an individual or even a majority, but it’s hardly ever true of everyone.

And because of this, when searching for truth and freedom we need to always be extremely cautious.

It also makes it hard that sovereign citizens aren’t actually an organized group, as the media would have you think. It’s not even a movement. There are many people that claim this label, but few of these people actually know others like them.

My goal is to bring together those few who are not crazy, but who know who they are, whether they call themselves a sovereign citizen or not, and to make us one organized unity.

Because change never comes from the mouth of a single fool, but through the words of a united force.

My goal is to show that even if you have a social security number or other government documents, you aren’t doomed. You are still America.

You are the people of the America. You are its government. You are the one who determines if your prayers to God are worth uttering.

God has given us a country in which we may speak and govern ourselves. Will we forfeit the reins to another, or will we embrace our sovereignty under God?

Once humanity could shove the burden of a nation on the shoulders of their king and queen. But our forefathers took that burden, and it’s now our inheritance through popular sovereignty.

It is our duty, our responsibility, and our privilege to protect and guide the future of our country.

We are no longer mere citizens of a tyrant, but share-rulers of our home.

And if we don’t accept our role, but submit to possible tyranny under the pretense of twisted scriptures and philosophies, we deserve the doom that awaits America.

As long as we breathe, as long as our conscience beats, we have something to give to our country … ourselves.

Because, that’s what sovereignty is all about.

Sacrificing oneself for the bettering of righteousness, for the hope of the future.

Will you embrace your place, or will you allow another to stand and speak in your stead?


7 thoughts on “Am I Basically A Mini Deranged Monarch?

  1. Patrick Lauser

    It isn’t a new idea either. Biblically it was the people who were to choose a king, even when God anointed a king he asked the people if they would take him as king. Also Daniel disobeyed the decree of a king, and said to the king, “Before thee have I done no hurt.”

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