“Choose Your Contracts Wisely”: Interview with M. C. B.

Today I am interviewing a young man who wishes to remain anonymous. He has no social security number, driver’s license, or birth certificate. But his dreams are as high and real as any other young person’s … do you think he should be denied right to life, liberty, and property due to laws recently made? Read on and let me know!

Bold is me and normal text is M. C. B.

Photo courtesy of M.C.B.

Welcome to my blog! Have you ever had a social security number?

No I haven’t. My parents have, though

What is your personal opinion concerning SSNs and other forms of government identification documents?

In terms of an SSN or anything like that, I don’t agree with it at all because it puts you into a social system. In terms of citizenship documents, those make sense. Currently I’m trying to figure out how to get a passport without an SSN so I can fly.

Great answers … I have my passport and I’ll be doing a post on how to do that. Do you drive? What is your opinion on driver’s licenses?

I do drive. I drive without a state license. In my state, the traffic code clearly states that if you aren’t a driver for hire, then there’s an exception for you where you don’t need a driver’s license.

My opinion on drivers’ licenses is that they should be illegal. If we have freedom of movement, then we shouldn’t have to get permission from the government to drive as a form of travel. Drivers’ licenses should instead be driver’s certificates. That way, if police pull you over, they see that you’ve been certified to drive by a private company, but that they can’t take you to jail or fine you for not having a government approved document.

There was never a license for horse-drawn carriages.

I was kicked out of a brewery in Colorado because I didn’t have a state driver’s license or a passport. I was twenty-one at the time, and they didn’t like my International Driver’s Permit because it was falling apart. The lamination on my wallet broke up, and because I work outside, the rain damaged the paper and ink. My parents were there with me but they wouldn’t take their word that I was twenty-one.

The Supreme Court has upheld the freedom of contract and to choose who to contract with. You CAN choose not to contract with the government. The government cannot force you to contract with it.

I said as much to a police officer who pulled me over for speeding.

I got a ticket because the cop didn’t like my IDP, and the only “law” he cited I broke was the whole chapter of the Texas Traffic Code.

I argued void for vagueness.

There’s no way I could have broken that whole chapter.

Lol. Yeah, that’s quite vague. Did you win?

So, we fought it. We sent them several letters before my court date saying we’re paying the ticket under threat, duress, and coercion. They didn’t care. The judge sent me a letter saying she just wanted to “talk”, but she tricked me into trying to plead. The judge told me straight to my face she didn’t know what the Miranda rights and the fifth amendment were.

But, they dismissed it before I had my jury trial. That prosecutor was so scared 😂😂😂

Wow that’s insane

The whole proceeding was wack.

Do you have a birth certificate?

I do not have a birth certificate.

When did it first hit you that you didn’t have an SSN?

I suppose it hit when my dad told me he never got me one. He said if I wanted to later, that I could get one when I was eighteen, but I haven’t done so.

Have you ever hated not having one? Do you think you might ever get one and have you ever considered doing so before?

Oh, yes, many times. I can’t get a bank account, a passport, possibly a regular job, a credit card, a paypal account, etc without finding some weird workaround. I still haven’t really decided if I want to get one. Mainly the reasons why I don’t have one is because I don’t want to be drafted and I don’t want to be part of a government approved Ponzi scheme.

Do you work? If so, please explain what sort you’re able to do.

Yes, I work. I work for my dad’s pool cleaning business. I’ve been working for him for about three years now.

What are your goals for your future? Does not having an SSN hinder those goals?

Well, a long-term goal of mine would be to possibly move out of state. For that to happen, I’d need to know how to handle the whole anti-SSN stuff on my own, and be able to get a job out of state, or make my own business. A short-term goal right now is to buy a house. I have no clue how to do that.

Please share a bit about yourself, to show that you’re human, not an alien 😉

I’ll be 22 in a few months.

Some hobbies of mine are video games (I love Nintendo), drone flying, small-scale cinematography, listening to political talk shows, and watching/listening to YouTube, and some anime now and then.

Right now life is kinda up in the air as to what my future looks like. I’d like to start a house renting business, possibly. I’d need a lot of money for that though. I might have the chance soon to start doing repairs for my dad’s business and earn more money every month, but I’d need to be retrained on everything he’s taught me since I was little.

I’d also like to start a family eventually, but finding a girl who’s libertarian (or crazy) enough for the pressures of all the anti-SSN/anti tax ID stuff feels like an almost impossible task.

These are such GREAT answers!What sort of political podcasts do you listen to?

Haha, thanks! Generally Ben Shapiro. I listen to a lot of stuff on YouTube, too.

I love him! A new favorite of mine is Candace Owens and I like her nearly as much as Shapiro, But he’s the one I listen to the most

Oh, oh, oh! Another one is Allie Stuckey. I looooove her podcast so much. My mom recommended her to me and I’ve loved listening to her Bible and politics episodes.

I listen to her occasionally, but she has an annoying attitude to me. But she always says good things.

Hahaha, I don’t really find her annoying.

Yeah most people don’t find her that way. I just do … I think it didn’t help that the first video I listened to was all these silly pet peeves of hers of things people do on airplanes, and I just thought it petty and immature 😆

But back to the point … I’m so excited to get the interview up. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah. A little more. For people who want to live like this, it’s very hard with a lot of frustration. It’s worth the fight because you’re not the government’s slave. It can be very hard because some people don’t understand, when you try to talk to them about it.

Find some libertarian friends who you think you’d be safe to talk about it with without them blowing up at your face. It’s easier to vent when you have friends to talk to.

That’s awesome!! Some great advise there, too. Friends, even if they disagree, who support you are gems. Thanks so much for doing this for me!


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