Who Is This Blog For?

  1. Primarily, I am writing for those without social security numbers, birth certificates, or other government documents. My goal is to provide encouragement and education for navigating the system legally while remaining true to one’s convictions. This blog will be for both those who do live this way for religious reasons and for those who do so as “consciousness objectors”.
  2. But this blog is also for those who are unable to get rid of their own numbers, yet would like to raise their children “under the grid”. I will sharing how you can take your children off your taxes without giving them a number.
  3. This blog is also for those who would simply like to learn, even if they plan to always remain in the system.
  4. I will also be sharing about politics, economics, and philosophy. Everything will be brief, interesting, and and instructional.
  5. This blog is not for those who are embittered. Whether or not you are in the system, this blog is not a place for one to force their beliefs onto another. I believe that we are to live in this world and make it a better place, not lead reclusive, hateful lives. This blog is not for trolls and haters of any sort.

Disclaimer: This blog welcomes friendly debate and disagreement. But all profanity and comments containing cruel insults will be deleted, no matter who they be directed toward. Trolls will be blocked.


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