Who Is This Blog For?

Primarily, I am writing for:

  1. Those without social security numbers, state birth certificates, or other government documents. My goal is to provide encouragement and education for navigating the system legally while remaining true to one’s convictions. This blog will be both for those who live “under the grid” for religious reasons and as well as for those who do it as “consciousness objectors”.
  2. But this blog is not solely for those without social security numbers. It’s also for those who’d like to raise their children differently even if they can’t get rid of their own numbers.
  3. This blog is also for those who would simply like to learn, even if they plan to always remain in the the system.
  4. I will also be sharing about political, economical, and some philosophical type posts.
  5. This blog is not for those who are embittered. Whether or not you are in the system, this blog is not a place for one to force their beliefs onto another. I believe that we are to live in this world and make it a better place, not live reclusive, hateful lives. This blog is not for trolls and haters of any sort.

This blog launches August 3, 2019. And there will be a new post every first and last Saturday of the month.

Thank you!


14 thoughts on “Who Is This Blog For?

  1. Enoch walked with God and was not found.
    My old buddy Abe was once arrested for Failure to Appear, while standing in front of the judge speaking with her. <but refused to Be what or who she wanted him to be.
    I was not allowed to enter the federal court building at Portland Trial because I would not present any ID that proved that I was subject to them and their jurisdiction and no bosses were welcome,,
    So I spent the weeks on the front porch teaching/preaching and Pamphleteering without a license but was unarrestable even though Homeland Security Services tried, and Marshals would not come outside and speak with me.
    I look forward to seeing what people gather to follow your blog and what topics come up.
    Our Lord has a table for Us sorts in the midst of our enemies in the same area as this crooked and perverse nation amongst whom we are called to shine as lights to the world order and its captives and desire to see whomsoever is willing to be set Free.

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  2. Hannah Avery

    This will be interesting to learn about! We have wondered about this kind of stuff for our own kids, but really didn’t know much about it! I’d be interested in knowing how you would do overseas travel.

    -Hannah Avery

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