One People Under God

Some kids were watching this video game YouTuber. "As you can see, I themed everything red, white, and blue. For Memorial Day." Hmm. Funny how those colors work for many holidays: The Fourth, Christmas, New Year's. "It's a great day for partying and drinking!" The guy laughed. Then he sobered. "Actually, that's more for the …

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#FakeNews Is a Myth, Change My Mind: Statistics and Other Cop-Outs

It's been common to say that those whom we disagree with are spreaders of lies. Especially when it comes to matters of social justice and politics. In the States, there is this fiery line between Fox News and CNN with little space for no-man's land. And then those who try to make space are often …

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Legalized Dreams And Other Violations

For the typical American, ages sixteen to eighteen are the transition years—the years where we leave the freedom of childhood to embrace the responsibilities of adulthood. We leave our playful dreams and accept society's expectations, to choose a university that will offer some degree of "approved" value. We forget the liberties of the American Dream …

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