Whoops, Showed My Face Again

Being bold is all fun until after the deed is done. First you have to recover from stage performance (need the eggs a little runnier, the meat a bit redder, and a tight corner to nap in for a bit). And then you wake up and remember that you might become a scapegoat.

Oh, well. When you have a message worth sharing that’s just how it is. It might be dangerous to be a whitepill, but I’m sticking to it.

This last week I sent a bunch of material to a family so that they can deduct their kids off their taxes (the kids are free yeah!!!). I have amazing, encouraging conversations with folks several times a week now. Ever notice that the people actually ending the fed don’t bother with hashtags? You got that right. We’re returning, and the “they” aren’t coming with us, whoever they are.

Did one of my first zoom calls. And wow, I know I look awkward and awful. But the next one will be better. How do I know? Because I’ve been practicing.

Enjoy another take of why I love my life. . .


One thought on “Whoops, Showed My Face Again

  1. Joyti Lermeny

    Love you and your family!!! Keep being a blessing to others and standing up for good things and good people!!! You are amazing!!!


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