New Schedule of Spontaneity

My father is running for State Senate. Due to helping him, running my own small business, prioritizing my other blog and writings, a full social life, and limited time, I’ve decided to let this blog’s schedule drop.

The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist is a niche platform, which doesn’t offer a lot of content inspiration. I do have some amazing posts in the works, as well as some potential guest posts.

I have decided that this blog needs quality over quantity, and I need to give the rest of my posts the proper attention. In fact, if I limit my quality, you won’t be forced to scroll through useless posts to find the gems. Having no schedule may mean forfeiting a large audience, but it will also help guarantee that this blog remain a gem.

So enjoy my posts whenever they appear!

I enjoy your comments, emails, etc, and will continue to respond.

Meanwhile, enjoy this lovely image one of my friends made for the blog!


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