“I Dream Of Living Safely Free”: Interview with MEB

Today I have an interview with a young girl whose mother wishes her to remain anonymous.

Welcome to my blog, M! Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

I like painting and art in general. I’m really passionate about herbalism and the whole naturalpathic world that’s out there just waiting to be truly seen. I am currently learning how to be a master herbalist with my mom. I absolutely love herbalism and no one can change my mind about it. I’m a Christian and love and know that God is real because of past experience. Lots of past experience.

What does a normal day look like for you?

Really just stay home and babysit my siblings, cook two times a day, chores, at home, money chores (certain chores that earn money because it’s extra. I don’t have an allowance). Then during school days, it’s the same thing but with school on top of that.

What is it like not having a social security?

Not having a social Security number really sucks. My parents chose to not give me one when I was born, because my family believes that a SSN is a pre-curser to head straight towards the mark of the beast and they didn’t want us to be owned by the government. How you can be owned by the government by a SSN is that they can see what you’re doing anytime they wish, not including methods, like cameras or Facebook and Instagram and other social medias.

With SSN the government can hunt you down and kill you anytime they want. Another thing about not having a SSN is that you can’t have a driver’s license, You can’t own a house or a piece of land, you can’t have a bank account, and you can’t go to college. All of what I just said is unconstitutional. It’s illegal to have those laws. The government tricked you into thinking that those where actual, real laws.

Do you enjoy not having one? Would you ever want to get one? If so, why?

I do enjoy not having a SSN because I don’t want the government knowing everything about me. Another reason why I don’t want one is because the Bible says that you need to work for your money. SSN gives you money. If you need money but have no work then people can help you, but you won’t stop working just because people will help you. That’s not right because you’re taking from them. I spent a whole school year studying the Constitution. I know that most of the laws we have today are fake.

What sort of life do you envision for yourself?

I want to grow a herb farm and have safe place where I can live and raise a family. I want to make a business that’s all about the naturalpathic and holistic world. I want to go back to when the world was actually really healthy and not as corrupt, yet stay in the present at the same time.

What is something you hate about not having a number?

I hate not having one because I can’t do the things that should be legal and still are, but the new, corrupt government won’t allow us without a social security number. I mean, why would they need us to have one in the first place? It’s not like they need to know that every one is alive. I know it gives us some money but we can easily just work for it. When we get old, there is family that’s supposed to help you live the remainder of your life.

Do you look at the future hopefully? Why or why not?

I do look to the future hopefully because God has a beautiful, better plan for me, and no matter what the government does to me, He’ll protect me and guide me to defeat whoever stands in the way of God’s plans.

Would you raise your children the same way?

I would definitely raise my children in the same way as my parents! It’s all true! And I don’t want my children to be found and killed by the government just because we know the real truth about a lot of things. My parents studied hard on what they know. I haven’t researched all of what they say but I have my own projects to research.

What advice you’d give to someone else considering this path?

My advice is to go ahead and get rid of your social security number. The government shouldn’t own you. You should own your own blood, body, and life.

Ah thanks so much for all of this!!

No problem!

Hope you all enjoyed the interview! I remember still what it was like being fifteen, and loving my life, but also fearing the future because I knew it would be very hard or next to impossible to do anything I wished to do.

I just want to tell M and all others like us, “We are not victims.

We do not need to live in fear, and we do not need to fear life. We can become the sort of Americans that give to our communities and country, and we do not need permission to flourish.

We live in America, and though much of the constitution is corroded by ignorance and corruption, it still stands. It might be hard, but fight for your place in life, and fill that place so utterly and completely that no one can stop you.

Be who God created you to be, and don’t let any man no matter the power they hold stop you. It will be difficult, but you can and should live the sort of free life that glorifies God and honors our forefathers.


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