“And I just pretended to be a normal person”

Before I share how I got my driver’s license, passport, or banking account, I need to tell you the most important thing you can know to live a successful life as a sovereign citizen.

Don’t worry. I’ll eventually explain what a sovereign citizen is. And no it’s not some weird thing controversial theorists would have you believe it is. At this point, even if you THINK you know what it is, pretend you don’t. There’s a lot of pretending in this post to be honest 😉

A few months back I went to visit some friends of mine who live similarly to us, except they don’t have anything at all. When I mentioned that I had a banking account, they asked, “How did you get that!?”

I replied, “I just went in and pretended to be a normal person. I didn’t say I didn’t have a social security number. And when the time came for to deal with that part of the application, the guy already liked me. Sure he was a little shocked, but I’d already proved that I wasn’t a quack. And I got what I wanted.”

My friends laughed at me of course. “How do you pretend to be a normal person!?”

But they got my point. It’s funny, but it’s true. If you act like a weirdo you’ll be treated like a weirdo.

People, if you want to be successful, you have to be that.

Don’t go somewhere with an embittered attitude that’s expecting to fail. Go there knowing you are worthy of what you want. Walk with confidence. Smile and be friendly. Don’t say weird things. Don’t say, “I don’t have a social security number, and since you do, the government owns you.”

That does no good and makes you unlikable.

Don’t be unlikable.

Be normal in the sense that you give no one cause to hate you, or reason to think that people like you deserve to be locked away in an insane asylum.

Be willing to fight, yes, but don’t go looking for a fight. And don’t spill anyone’s blood but your own. Meaning: work hard and don’t create enemies.

You are a whole citizen, not an illegal. You know your rights. Others might not, but it’s not your business to educate them right now.

Act like you deserve what you’re asking for. Act like you’re entitled to justice.

Smiling and being relatable to the person across from you will do wonders.

Because not having a number is a rare privilege, but that doesn’t make you morally better than that other person.

It will still be hard, sure, to get what you want. But that shouldn’t scare us, should it?

Be considerate, be loving, be normal.

And maybe you’ll find that by pretending you are, you actually are. Maybe by being so, you’ll make it so. Maybe you’ll show others that it’s actually better to live confidently informed of your rights. Maybe you’ll be able to make this the new normal.

Believe it and it’s easier to make happen.

Have you tried this technique before? If so, share your stories of results with me! Also, feel free to share one of your quirks. One of mine is the fact that I like bringing my knitting/ sewing with me to church.


7 thoughts on ““And I just pretended to be a normal person”

  1. I love this so much! (Also, I took great glee in the story about opening your account cuz I work in a bank. Gotta say, I think the teller line would raise a collective eyebrow at the sound of “no social security number,” BUT I have heard stories about the process of opening accounts for people without one. Which makes me happy because yeah, duh, you’ve got a right to NOT have a number AND to have a bank account. Makes great good sense to me. *nods*)

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